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  1. Fill out the permit application and return it to 410 N Marr St. or email to

  2. Along with the permit application, provide a plot plan, submitted in two copies, drawn to scale, showing the size and location of the building to be constructed; indicating setbacks from perimeter property boundary lines, off-street parking, and such other information as may be deemed necessary.

  3. All fabrication, erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, repairs of buildings or structures shall meet the Arkansas Fire Prevention Code or other applicable state and city building codes.

  4. Once approved, the contact on the application will be called and notified of the fee. Permits can be picked up at the Pocahontas City Hall building at 410 N Marr St.  and paid for in cash or check.

  5. When picking up the permit, all contractors need to leave a copy of their Arkansas state licenses, if not already filed.

  6. Any work completed before issuance of permit will result in double permit fees. In emergency cases, damaged meters/services from accidents, storms, etc. the penalty is waived.

  7. Once work is complete call 892-9661 or email to to schedule appropriate inspections. Inspections will be made the following business day.  Until the inspections have been approved no walls, ceilings or floors may be covered up.  This could result in said areas being uncovered for inspection purposes.

  8. If the permit is for any commercial or industrial use a Certificate of Occupancy application must be turned in prior to final inspections.

  9. Until the Certificate of Occupancy is approved, the space is not permitted for public occupancy. This means you may NOT open for business before approval.

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