George Pratt, ACO

Animal Control Officer Pratt has been a member of the Pocahontas Police Department in the Animal Control Division for more than 12 years.  Officer Pratt is Level One and Level Two Certified with the Arkansas State Animal Control Department.  Officer Pratt is responsible for the daily operation of the Pocahontas Animal Shelter located on Landfill Rd. in Pocahontas.  He is also a certified chemical capture and euthanasia technician.  The Pocahontas Animal shelter is not a no-kill shelter, so the major goal of the Pocahontas Animal Shelter is Animal Adoption.  If you would like more information about the Pocahontas Animal Shelter and adopting a pet, please check out our Facebook page for POKEY ANIMAL CONTROL. 

Pocahontas Animal Shelter




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