Randolph county E-911

1510 Pace Rd.

Pocahontas, AR 72455

870-892-3295 (non-emergency)

870-892-7461 (Fax)

We are proud to announce that the Randolph County E-911 Communications Center has been in full operation for many years now.

Stan Seagraves the 911 Director / dispatcher and seven other dispatchers rotate shifts to cover the four 911 phone lines, non emergency phone lines and the fax line. They also monitor four radios used to dispatch Police, Fire and EMS personnel which include medical first responders. The Average month will include around 300 actual emergencies from within the 647 square mile area which makes up Randolph County.

We still have some confusion as to how the system works, what constitutes an emergency call and various others questions. We would like to try to clear up some of those questions.

What is 9-1-1?

9-1-1 is a three digit phone number set aside for use to report emergencies in Randolph county and throughout the United States. By dialing 9-1-1 you will reach your local Emergency Agency without having to look up a telephone number. If you are traveling and witness an accident you may pull over to a pay phone and dial 9-1-1 and instantly be connected with the Emergency Agency needed to provide help.

Why was the telephone number 911 selected?

The number selected to be used on a nationwide basis could not be one that was being used as an area code or the first three digits of an existing telephone number. Also the number needed to be very easy to remember. The telephone company already used three digit numbers (411, 611) for special services which were offered by the phone companies.

When do I call 911 ?

Whenever you have an emergency or problem that requires immediate assistance from Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, or Emergency Medical Services, then you should dial 911. If you or another person is in danger then you should always call.

Does this mean I can call 911 any time I need to reach the Police Department, Fire Department, or EMS ?

No! -Only use 911 when you have a real Emergency - i.e. If you need an officer to check out a suspicious person, a fireman to check out smoke coming from a neighbors house or an ambulance to respond.

This is very serious, those everyday business calls will interfere with the 911 Emergency dispatcher trying to answer and help people who have a life threatening emergency.

How do I locate the non-emergency telephone number of those departments?

Below is a listing of Randolph Counties non-emergency numbers. If ever needed you can always look on page one of any phone book dated after 1996, or call directory assistance.

Non-emergency Phone numbers for Randolph County:

911 Office


Police Dispatch


Sheriff's Office


Pocahontas Police




Pocahontas Fire Department


ProMed Ambulance Service


What do I say when I call 911 with an emergency?

As calmly as possible tell the Emergency dispatcher who answers your call what the emergency is. Be very brief. For example: " My house is on fire, or I hear someone sneaking around my house, or I'm having chest pains". At that point, the dispatcher will starting asking you questions. Almost instantly Emergency response personnel will be dispatched to your location which is given to the dispatcher the second you call. The additional information that you are being asked will be sent by radio to the police, fire or E.M.S. personnel responding.

Does this mean that anyone who works at the 911 office can find out my phone number or address?

No! The phone number and address information is stored in computers that remain under the control of the phone company, a lot like caller I.D. Emergency dispatchers will not see your phone number or address unless YOU dial 911. In that case, you are telling us you want us to know where you are because you need emergency help.

Does this mean I can just dial 911 and say (for example), "I have a fire", and hang up?

While this would certainly get the fire department to your location, Emergency dispatchers that answer 911 need more information. We never rely on the displayed information totally unless that is all we have to go on. If at all possible other information is vital and must be relayed by the 911 dispatcher to the Emergency units responding so they can be prepared to handle your emergency immediately upon their arrival.

Never place yourself in more danger by staying on the phone when you are in danger yourself. If a fire is in your house, then GET OUT. If possible call back from a neighbors phone.


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