About Randolph County Health

Serving the citizens of Randolph County, the County Health Department is responsible for monitoring the community’s health status, and identifying and solving community health problems. The unit informs, educates and empowers people with regard to health and safety issues, policies, laws and regulations, links people to needed health services, and evaluates effectiveness and accessibility of healthcare providers and services. Randolph County is located in the Northeast Arkansas delta region and has a population of 19,135. Pocahontas is the largest city and serves as the county seat.


HomeTown Health Initiative

When the Arkansas Department of Health determined that in order to solve today’s growing health problems, collaborative efforts and creative solutions were deemed necessary at the local level, Randolph County put together a program soliciting the participation of all of its cities’ school districts, its business community members, and its seniors, both as organized groups, and as individuals. The new and continuing activities in the Hometown Health program promote healthy living through ‘changing behaviors.’ The main categories of behavioral change include; nutrition education, increased physical activity, and a dedication to establishing a tobacco-free lifestyle.

The 2006 Randolph Country Hometown Health program is targeting three distinctive groups for its continuing, healthy-living campaign: children in schools; adults in local workplaces; and the county’s older citizens. The county health unit provides materials and services, and assists in designing activities customized for particular school grades, unique business environments, and all age and skill levels. Offerings include services such as worksite wellness, tobacco and nutritional education, and physical activity programs.

Arkansas Health Facts*
  • Arkansas ranks in the top 10 states nationally for heart disease, stroke, and cancer
  • Percentage of overweight Arkansans – 37.2%
  • Percentage of Arkansans who smoke – 26.3%

(*2002 survey)

 Randolph County Facts:

Randolph County age 18 and over from 2005 Behavioral Risk Factor Survey:

  • 68% are overweight
  • 30% listed general health as fair to poor
  • 35% listed at least 1 day of poor mental health within the last 30 days
  • 35% have been diagnosed with high blood pressure
  • 40% have been diagnosed with high blood cholesterol
  • 37% have been diagnosed with arthritis
  • 57% over the age of 50 have not been screened for colorectal cancer
  • 45% of men over the age of 40 have not been screened for prostate cancer within the past year
  • 68% over 17 have not had a flu shot within the past year
    28% of women over age 40 had not had a mammogram within the past 2 years
  • 28% of women had not had a pap smear within the past 3 years
  • 28% over age 17 smoke cigarettes

Hometown Health Contact Information

Kathy Smith, Administrator

(870) 892-5230

1304 Pace Road
Pocahontas, AR 72455

City Of Pocahontas, Arkansas
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