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Rural Fire Association

The Rural Fire Department is a non-profit cooperation and there is no salaries paid to any member of it. The money collected is put into the operation, either in equipment or day to day operation. The Rural Fire department owns a new $50,700.00 rescue truck that is fully equipped with state of the art rescue equipment, a $150,000.00 Pumper Truck to protect structures and put out grass fires, a brush truck to get out into the woods and put out woods fires, and two 1500 gal tanker Trucks, one with front mount pump (750gpm) and a 10″ rear dump valve. The tanker truck is used to shuttle water to the fires and another pumper as a backup. The Tanker Truck is also used to help surrounding departments when extra water is needed.

The Rural Fire Department has 22 volunteer firemen that will drop everything at a moments notice to get this equipment to you and extinguish a fire or perform a rescue operation. Sure these are the same 22 firemen that help to protect the city of Pocahontas but keep in mind there is no pay going to anyone when a call comes from out in the county.

Fire Rating is a scale used by insurance companies to set your insurance rates. Its based on many things including distance from fire station, number of trucks available, number of trained firefighters, and so on. If for some reason the Rural Fire Department could not respond to calls the people that now have a class 6 to 9 fire rating within five to six miles of town would go to a class 10, if they could even get home owners insurance. This would make insurance so high most people could not afford to buy it. Just ask your insurance agent about this. We want to continue to serve the rural area around our county with the best Fire Department we can, but training, equipment, fuel, trucks, and truck maintenance cost a lot of money. This money all comes from the rural memberships.

The Rural Fire Association offers memberships to all rural residents. This is what keeps the Rural Fire Department going. We think the cost of the dues is pretty cheap considering the service you get. You get 21 firefighters, 5 trucks if needed, any where in Randolph county. This covers structures, automobiles, grass fires, what ever you need we will be there to help. The membership cost will very depending on residential property, commercial property and size..

Due to the fact that not all residents in Randolph County are willing to pay membership dues we are forced to charge $500 for each call going to someone without a membership. We at the Fire Department don’t like to charge this to someone who has just had a major loss, but its not fair for some to pay the load of all the people.

Please contact our station at 892-8553 or 892-8801 to find out more about this service.

The membership dues and bills to non members is the only thing keeping the Rural Fire Department going.

If you ever have any questions please give us a call or come by either of our stations and look at the trucks or equipment.

City Of Pocahontas, Arkansas
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