In The Line of Duty

They raise their right hand and swear on the book.
They all are so eager there’s no second look.

There families so proud, a little bit scared.
The servant in blue, this life will be shared.

Shared with the poor, shared with the hurt.
Shared with the helpless, with death they will flirt.

These servants of peace will be kicked and knocked down.
It seems all to common, they work in your town.

They struggle for you at night while you sleep.
These folks wearing blue that you may not meet.

They speed, they take chances, responding to calls.
It may be your mother, your son when he falls.

It could be your father, his heart stopped that day.
It could be your wife, while you’re far away.

I’ve seen them all weary with energy gone,
Then search for a child from dusk until dawn.

I’ve seen them all quiet when babies have died.
I’ve seen them break down, I watched as they cried.

And after the course that’s finally done,
I’ve watched as their city put them on the run.

They walked sadly away, not even a glance.
These men loved by God that served not by chance.

Well, I have remembered those serving the blue,
the soldiers that died working for you.

They die from all causes that you may not know.
It comes to their hearts, their pain does not show.

They die from neglect, from hidden abuse.
They make some mistakes without an excuse.

Whatever their sins that you’ll not forget,
God values them much, no price will be set.

J. Atchison

City Of Pocahontas, Arkansas
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