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We have noticed that more and more of our visitors are fellow fire departments. For this reason we have started to listing some of the firefighter safety information we have found on the internet. Most will show a link to where this information is found. I strongly encourage training officers to visit these websites and check out the free downloads and information available.

A total of 2,843 firefighters have died in the line-of-duty from 1981 to 2003.
Meaning that one firefighter dies on average in the United States every 78 hours.
( / NFFF 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives Part 1)

The unofficial total for 2005 is 106 or our fellow firefighters that have died.

24% of firefighter fatalities involve firefighters driving POV’s
78 of firefighter fatalities in 2004 were volunteers. That’s over 70%

The Pocahontas Fire department is composed of mostly volunteer firemen driving their own family cars and trucks. Don’t think this is always something that happens to the other fire departments. Training is the key. Defensive driving and fire scene safety is important. We must all do our part to prevent firefighter fatalities and insure that EVERYONE GOES HOME

Information you should know about Hybrid cars but wont hear from the salesman. Part1. Part2.
Very informative power point presentation on Hybrid cars and air Bags. ppt (This is a big one but worth the wait)

Dual-Stage Air bags. Just when you thought you had air bags figured out. Check out this article from Click here

The rules have changed with standard car fires. Part1

Videos involving firefighter saftey.

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