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The Pocahontas Police Department is led by Chief Edington. The department has fourteen Full-Time Officers, five Part-Time Officers, one Animal Control Officer, six Reserve Officers, one Administrative Assistant and one Part-Time Administrative Assistant.

Among the full time officers are the department’s two Criminal Investigators, nine officers in the Patrol Division, one K-9 Unit, and one officer assigned as School Resource Officer for the Pocahontas School System. The department has two officers assigned to warrants division, as well as Patrol. The department has ten Certified Law Enforcement Instructors and two Certified D.A.R.E. Instructors. Pocahontas Police Department’s Animal Control Officer is Level One and Level Two Certified and is a member of Arkansas State Animal Control Association. He is a former Board Member for the State of Arkansas Animal Control Board.

Pocahontas Police Department is committed to

Professionalism and Community Relations.


All Pocahontas Police Officers who work full time are graduates of one of the two Law Enforcement Training Academy (LETA) facilities located in the State of Arkansas. Each officer has completed the basic 620-hour course that is required by the state within a 13-week period, and is a Certified Law Enforcement Officer. The Law Enforcement Academy in Pocahontas draws a large number of officers from surrounding cities in Arkansas who might otherwise have to commute a long distance on a daily basis. For those officers, a motel room and meals are provided. Prior to the creation of the Academy here in Pocahontas, officers had to travel 4 hours one way to the only academy in Arkansas, which was located in E. Camden AR. Having the Black River Technical College’s Law Enforcement Training Academy right at hand, allows officers to be with their families at night for the weeks they are in school. The academy offers two classes a year at this time.

In addition to LETA, The Criminal Justice Institute offers various law enforcement classes now at Black River Technical College. The CJIS and BRTC have been very helpful in conducting classes for the officers in our area. The Attorney General’s office also has helped by conducting classes in our area when requested. The Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC) plays a major part in law enforcement in our area by providing education and other major aspects of local law enforcement. Please visit their homepages for more information on these organizations. The department works with the United States Secret Service, FBI, and has close contact on cases in this area. Other federal agencies we work with are US Postal Investigators, US Customs, the D.E.A., and the IRS Criminal Division.

City Of Pocahontas, Arkansas
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