City Clerk/Treasurer


Suzanne Hawkins – City Clerk/Treasurer


Terry King – Deputy Clerk / Treasurer


Annette Williams – Deputy Clerk /Treasurer

Major responsibilities and duties of the City Clerk / Treasurer:

  • The city clerk shall have the custody of all the laws and ordinances of the city, and shall keep a regular and correct journal of the proceedings of the city council, bid openings, public hearings and other meetings which require an official city record.  (A copy of city council minutes can be obtained by contacting the city clerks office)
  • Prepare minutes and official journals of public meetings requiring such records and properly file them.
  • Properly record and publish city ordinances, resolutions and records as required by law.
  • Prepare and publish financial statements as of December 31 of each year.
  • Prepare and maintain Occupation Tax Permit (Business Privilege Permits), bill businesses for city fees and collects funds.
  • Process and maintain city employee and city officials medical and worker’s compensation policies.
  • Prepare, file and properly submit insurance and retirement reports.
  • Prepare federal, state and social security reports at each designated date.
  • Control and account for cash on hand.
  • Make deposits and maintain books of account.
  • Prepare census and other reports in accordance with law.
  • Execute and countersign contracts, leases, bonds, and debentures.
  • Review bills, properly code and issue checks in payment upon city council authorization.
  • Bill the county for expenses incurred involving personnel, statements of code of ethics.
  • Provide other clerical, record keeping, financial and other services as required by law or at the request of the city council and / or mayor, as directed by ordinance and by formal or informal requests.
City Of Pocahontas, Arkansas
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